Local Leads Leader – Attorneys

Lead generation can be a fantastic way for attorneys to acquire new clients and promote their brand throughout their local market area. For most attorneys and law firms, one of their biggest challenges is quality lead generation. Qualified leads are becoming more and more difficult to come by, and certainly at the right price point, using traditional marketing strategies.

Many attorneys are finding that the volume of quality leads are dwindling and their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is increasing.  Inbound, digital marketing is clearly the wave of the future and the future is now. Inbound, digital marketing allows your potential clients to hunt you down and not the other way around.

Quality lead generation for attorneys is critical to the success of any law firm.  Every attorney needs to have a fresh stream of quality prospects calling, visiting their office and emailing them through their website.

How Can Local Leads Leader Find Attorney Leads in Your Area?

Local Leads Leader is the digital marketing partner that will best serve your needs when it comes to generating qualified leads for your law firm. We understand: your days as an attorney are stressful. You need to get your leads from a digital agency that does the job for you and helps you to profit from their years of digital, inbound marketing experience.

Local Leads Leader provides high-quality prospects who are looking for help on their particular legal matter(s). We target potential clients that are searching on their smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop. They’re looking for the most qualified law firm that can satisfy their specific legal need.

We use a wide range of sources including local SEO, Google Organic, Google Maps, Microsoft Bing (MS Ads Platform which now includes Verizon Mobile searchers),  Facebook, Online Reputation Management (Ratings and Reviews) and about 1,500 other “Category Authorities” to drive inbound traffic to your website and office. We customize every campaign toward your specific area of law and geography.

We have spent years researching and recognizing the many variables involved in the production of legal leads and, in effect, can provide attorneys with the highest quality leads and marketing support, at affordable prices.

Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

For years, local SEO (search engine optimization) has been an effective method for attracting new clients for law firms and is still quite effective today for those in the law profession.  Search Engine Optimization for attorneys is the art of recognizing how your potential clients use Google and other search engines. Content is “king.” Our team of content experts will do a thorough analysis of your website and make recommendations on how to make it more “search engine friendly.”

Google sends out its spiders every other week and Microsoft Bing Network sends out their spiders every 30-days looking for “fresh and relevant” content. We develop a strong understanding of your practice including the types of clients you’re looking for. We then perform a thorough local SEV (Search Engine Visibility) audit on your website to determine what type of exposure you currently have for your top keywords. Once we identify the “GAPS” in your coverage, we then help you execute on those missed opportunities.

PPC Advertising for Attorneys

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can be a very powerful form of digital marketing that drives targeted traffic to your  website. PPC enables you to reach precisely the target audience you desire most. We have a seasoned team of digital marketers at Local Leads Leader who manage your PPC campaign(s) to achieve the best results possible.

We have a thorough understanding of how Google AdWords campaigns for attorneys work, and over the years we have handled several hundred PPC advertising campaigns for law firms.  Upon assessing the requirements of your law firm, we research, develop, manage, and track campaigns specifically geared towards your specialties.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) for Attorneys

By designing a  smart SMM strategy for your law firm, you are setting yourself up for success with the potential clients that matter most.  More than 65 percent of all adults, ages 30-64, throughout the U.S., use Facebook. Usage of other social platforms cannot be ignored: https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-statistics-for-social-media-managers/. Hootsuite, 2019.

Local Leads Leader’s goal is to do the necessary homework to ensure that we successfully reach your “ideal client.”  We have a well trained staff that uses many diagnostic and marketing tools to help you achieve that objective. For every marketing dollar you invest, what is your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)? You will also get a monthly Account Performance Review (APR) on your campaign(s).

Online Reputation Management for Attorneys

Local Leads Leader understands that you should spend your time helping clients successfully solve their legal concerns, instead of spending an inordinate amount of your time attempting to improve your marketing strategies.  However your online reputation matters, a lot. Studies show that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their family and friends:

https://searchengineland.com/study-72-of-consumers-trust-online-reviews-as-much-as-personal-recommendations-114152.  Search Engine Land, 2019.

Negative or false reviews will affect your personal and professional brand.  Do you have a strategy in place to drive about two to three, new, relevant reviews into your Google My Business Knowledge Card and Facebook Business Page, on a weekly basis?  If not, please contact us today!