Retargeting Internet MarketingRecently I did a Google search for the top CRM system. I quickly noticed that the best CRM system, overall, was Of course, I did some research on their site at: However I try and always get at least three different opinions. Over the next week or so as I was surfing the web for things unrelated to CRM software, I continued to see display ads pop-up. No matter where I travelled on the web, I couldn’t escape noticing these display ads. There was no question that knew that I was still in the “research” phase of the buying cycle for a CRM product. As it turns out, within a week, I purchased the CRM product from It’s great, because I can access it from any internet connection–it’s in the cloud.

That’s retargeting at it’s finest. Virtually all businesses should be interested in how to close a higher percentage of “window shoppers” that didn’t purchase on their initial website visit. LLL is the “retargeting” specialist that has a dedicated team to design and effectively launch your retargeting products at the most cost-effective prices possible. The goal of our team at LLL is to always minimize your costs and maximum your ROI on all our various products and services…….and that includes retargeting. Call us today for your FREE “Retargeting” analysis.